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The 4th Joint Coordination Committee meeting and related events in Lima


The fourth (final) Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting was held in Lima, Peru. On August 12, all the related people from JICA headquarters, JICA Lima office, APCI, and project members were gathered at CISMID-UNI, and the final outputs of the project were reviewed. A press conference was held in the afternoon of August 12. In this period, a numbers of mass media interviewed SATREPS researchers, especially, Dr. Miguel Estrada, Dr. Fumio Yamazaki, Dr. Shunichi Koshimura and Dr. Carlos Zavala appeared several times on radio, TV and newspapers.

As a side-event of JCC, a meeting on tsunami hazard map was held with the officials of DHN in the morning of August 13. In the afternoon of August 13, a public seminar/symposium on the outputs from the SATREPS project was held at Hotel Plaza del Bosque.

Activities Report:


Group photo of the participants of JCC (8/12)
photo 1.
Preparatory meeting for JCC (8/11)
photo 2.
Media (TV Canal N) interview at CISMID (8/12)
photo 3.
Introduction of equipment for public awareness (8/12)
photo 4.
Press conference
photo 5.
Presentation of tsunami inundation simulation
photo 6.
Snapshot of JCC
photo 7.
Signing of the minutes and evaluation report
photo 8.
GPS receiving station at CISMID