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Position and Postal Address: 
  Department of Urban Environment Systems,
  Graduate School of Engineering,
  Chiba University
  1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba 263-8522, Japan

  4th floor, Institute Center of Chiba University Integrated Research Building
  Tel: +81-43-290-3557, Fax: +81-43-290-3558

Research Fields:
  Urban Infrastructure Systems
  Earthquake Engineering
  Remote Sensing and GIS
  Structural Safety and Reliability
  Urban Disaster Mitigation

Lecture Notes:
  Remote Sensing & GIS
  Applied GIS and Remote Sensing for Disaster Mitigation
  Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Research Papers:

  1976 Graduated from Department of Civil Engineering, The University ofTokyo
  1978 Completed Master course of Graduate School, Dept. of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo
  1987 Received Doctor of Engineering Degree, The University of Tokyo

Professional Experience:
  1978 - 1982 Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Design Department,Shimizu Corporation
  1982 - 1989 Research Engineer, Ohsaki Research Institute, Shimizu Corporation
  1984 - 1986 Visiting Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering,Columbia University, USA
  1989 - 2003 Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial, Science, The University of Tokyo
  1992           Academic Visitor, Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College, UK
  1998 - 2004 Team Leader, Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center (EDM), National Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED)
  2001 - 2003 Professor, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),Bangkok, Thailand
  2003 - present Professor, Department of Urban Environment Systems, Chiba University
  2006 - 2010 Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  Licensed First-Class Civil Engineer (Japan)
  Licensed First-Class Architect (Japan)
  Doctor of Engineering (The University of Tokyo)

Academic Societies:
  Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)
  Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
  Institute of Social Safety Science (ISSS)
  Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science
  Remote Sensing Society of Japan (RSSJ)
  American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)
  Seismological Society of America (SSA)
  Earthquake Engineering Research Institute(EERI)
  Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society, IEEE
  The International Society for Optical Engineering, SPIE

  Technical Development Award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 1997
  The Marquis Who's Who in Engineering Science 1996/1997, 1998/1999
  The Marquis Who's Who in the World 1998
  Freudenthal Award, International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR), 2001.
  Technical Development Award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 2005
  Doctor Honoris Causa, National University of Engineering, Peru, 2007
  The Best Paper Awards, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering (JAEE), 2013